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Feb 19, 2013 5:00pm PST
. the long time resident has already cloned a twin engine biplane he helped fly from london to south africa and london to australia. >> we actually constructed that in a year and a half. what we had a substantial amount of hundred dollar -- funding for the aircraft. there were two other airplanes at roosevelt field but he departed sooner and he made it. to fly that distance over that treacherous north atlantic. it was the equivalent of landing on the moon. >> reporter: a lot more on this as work progresses. tom vacar, ktvu news. >>> buster posey is getting a huge pay raise. posey was awarded the steepest pay increase today among major league players who opted for salary arbitration this year. the mvp received a 13 fold pay hike to $8 million. he earned $575,000 last year. posey batted 336. he hit 34 home runs all during the giant's 2013 world series championship season. >>> everyone is talking about the bay area snow in just two minutes we'll go back live to our bay area peaks to see just how much snow is sticking to the ground. and we'll check with bill martin to see if any more is on the
Feb 3, 2013 5:00pm PST
of any injuries from the fire the cause of the fire still under investigation. >> >> in london, police used a taser to subdue a man holding two knives outside of buckingham palace. the man has not been identified and it's not clear why he was holing the knives. witnesses say the police acted quickly and hundred says of tourists in the area remained calm. >> >> you tube video posted by a little girl from antioch quickly becoming a huge hit. it features a small rocket lifting hello kitty as she launched into the atmosphere with a weather balloon. this was a science project. the rocket plunged back to earth. rojas found it in a tree. the video has been viewed now by more than 83,000 people in just one week. >> >> all right, our superbowl coverage continues, right after the break. we'll go back live to ken wayne in the big easy, where the party is going on and on and on and on. . >>> and we are also live out here in the east bay with the 49ers faithful as they watch the superbowl and cheer on the home team. >> >> . it may seem like everyone in the city has 49er fever. we found some popular
Feb 24, 2013 5:00pm PST
>>> toting a guitar, the new secretary of state john kerry headed to london today. this is his first trip overseas as america's chief diplomat. he is scheduled to visit nine countries over the next ten days. the focus is to find some way to end the brutal violence in syria that has killed 70,000 people in two years. kerry says he is eager to convince the new president to step down. >>> the president of afghanistan says afghans working with u.s. troops are responsible for harassing, torturing and even killing civilians. now the president is ordering all out of one strategy province. he says all must be out of the province during two weeks. the scene is a gateway for the taliban to target kabul. >>> president raul castro announced he will step down as president in 2018. the announcement came after the 81-year-old accepted a new five- year term as president. castro tapped his top lieutenant as first in line for succession. castro also says he hopes to establish two-term limits and age caps for political officers. his brother, former president fidel castro, received a standing ovation today d
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3